Stephen Rhoads had a big surprise on his 40th birthday this week when he found his boat was decked out with hearts, banners and balloons in Eliason Harbor.

“I think I probably deserved it,” the birthday boy said.

No one is admitting to decorating his ship, the F/V Magia, but he has his suspicions, Rhoads said. He thinks it’s a group called the Bulbous Bow Bandits.

“They have tortured me in the past,” he said.









The bandits get together to prank friends on milestone birthdays, Rhoads explained. He has been part of it in the pIMG_4037ast.









“I may have painted a friend’s house pink once,” he said. “Maybe.”

Other than the additions to his boat, Rhoads celebrated with dinner and cake at home and took his dog on a hike.

Happy 40th, Stephen!