A Sitka grand jury has indicted a couple on drug trafficking charges, after federal postal inspectors found a package of crystal meth bearing  their address in the mail.

Virgil Leal, age 45, and Marisol Carranza, age 43, were indicted on Friday (11-6-15) for allegedly possessing methamphetamine. The indictment further alleges they intended to deliver the drugs. Both were charged with two felony counts each for misconduct involving a controlled substance.

According to court records, the package, addressed to Carranza, was opened with a federal search warrant after a K-9 indicated the presence of a controlled substance. The package contained nearly one ounce of meth. Police estimate that amount of the drug is worth $5,600, according to the current street value in Sitka.

Records say the package was then delivered to the couple without the majority of the methamphetamine. A warranted police search found the package opened as well as several Western Union receipts. Police also found a meth pipe and multiple empty baggies with a white residue. One of the baggies tested positive for meth.

During a police interview, Leal and Carranza allegedly admitted to sending money to a supplier using Western Union — $600 for this particular package. They also said they had received other methamphetamine packages in the past and sold the drugs to make a profit.

Police say their arrest of Leal and Carranza was the outcome of a joint narcotics investigation with United States Postal Inspectors and Southeast Alaska Cities Against Drugs Task Force.

Both Leal and Carranza are currently in police custody.