A Sitka man has been sentenced to over 40 years in prison for sexual assault.

William Littlefield, age 32, was arrested by Sitka police in February 2014 for sexually assaulting a female relative.

This October (10-17-15), the Sitka Superior Court convicted Littlefield of three felonies, including Sexual Assault in the First Degree, Sexual Assault in the Second Degree, and one count of Incest. In Littlefield’s criminal history, the court found several aggravating factors, including repeated instances of assaultive behavior and  fifteen Class A misdemeanors.

The court sentenced Littlefield to 40 years, 4 months, and 1 day in prison, probation for 15 years after release, and required he register as a sex offender.

In an e-mail to KCAW, Lieutenant Jeff Ankerfelt said, “We know that sexual abuse is a form of violence that is very difficult for many victims to report.  If you are a victim, or suspect someone is being victimized, please tell us.”

He added, “We can help you, and we will make it stop.”