The Garden Show is back for another season! This year, the show will be on a pop-up schedule. We’ll let you know when the next show is happening, but if you miss you can hear it below.

Episode 6/28/17: Top 10 Herbs

Episode 6/19/17: Top 10 Veggies

Episode 6/14/17: Container Gardening on the Deck

Episode 6/7/17: Top 10 Flowers

Episode 5/18/17: Veggies

Episode 5/10/17: Containers, Potatoes, and Hardening Off Starts

Episode 5/4/17: Special Guest Keith Nyitray

Episode 4/28/17: Country Gardenin’

Episode 4/19/17: Local Resources and More



And here are the episodes from last year!

Episode 4/6/16: Rhododendron (pledge drive)

Episode 4/13/16: Primroses & “No Struggle” plants

Episode 4/20/16: 5 Productive Easy-to-grow Veggies

Episode 4/27/16: Transplanting

Episode 5/4/16: Early Summer Prep

Episode 5/18/16: Roses

Episode 5/25/16: Herbs

Episode 6/08/16: Pests

Episode 6/15/16: Fragrants

Episode 6/22/16: Harvesting

Episode 6/29/16: Greenhouse

Episode 8/31/16: Fall Part 1

Episode 12/14/16: Winter!