A dozen residents from the Sitka Pioneer Home jigged for herring while watching seiners move south. (Emily Kwong/KCAW photo)

As the fleet awaited word for an opening this morning, a smaller fishery was in action this afternoon (03-22-16). Staff at the Sitka Pioneer Home brought a dozen residents to jig for herring on the Forest Service dock.


Fred Hope has done it all: seining, trolling, fishing for halibut. “I’m zero for zero today,” he said, as he pulled a piece of brown kelp off his line. (Emily Kwong/KCAW photo)

Skye Workman, the recreational therapist, said the Pioneer Home brought a group of residents to Eliason Harbor last year and caught 11 herring. Today’s group had no luck luring fish to the line, but Maintenance Foreman Peter Kennedy said that wasn’t the point. “Just because they’re residents and they’re older doesn’t mean they don’t like to get outside and have some fun now and then. Some of these folks have been fishing since they were knee high to a tadpole. It’s gotta be a joy for them – to wet a line and see what’s going on.”


Resident Henriette Odell bundled up. (Emily Kwong/KCAW photo)

A previous version of the story incorrectly stated the Sitka Pioneer Home residents were jigging at ANB Harbor.