Alaska Pacific Environmental Services (APES) decided to replace all city garbage cans, a cheaper option than individual repairs. (Emily Kwong/KCAW photo)

Did you take out your garbage today? You may have noticed your can has been swapped out for a brand new one. Alaska Pacific Environmental Services, who does all solid waste removal, has invested in a city-wide upgrade to meet the terms of their new contract.

The 90-gallon cans were replaced with 96-gallon cans and the 32-gallon cans have been swapped out with 48 gallon cans, with a square shape. The design change is because the smaller, 32-gallon cans often slipped through the grips on the garbage collection trucks.

The revamp began this week. Maegan Bosak, Sitka’s Planning and Community Development Director, said some of the cans were 20 years old. “The plastic was becoming more brittle, often cracking in the base, which would lead to problems with birds or bears in the area. A lot of the hinges were worn out and wheels needed to be replaced. In fact, it was just cheaper to replace the entire can as opposed to sending a crew out and replacing little pieces at a time,” Bosak said.

These news cans have a shelf life of five years. And, Bosak added, the 90 gallon cans are available to the public for repurposing. “They won’t be available for garbage pick-up, but you could use them for composting or other things.”

Those 90-gallon cans will be available next week. To get one, call Alaska Pacific Environmental Services at 907-747-5669.