The Sitka Police Department is trying to identify a group of people who allegedly shot guns at the water off of Chaichei Islands over the weekend.

The police say two snorkelers were in the water and had to take cover to dodge the bullets. They eventually got the attention of the group, who then stopped shooting. Later, a group member told one of the snorkelers that the shooters did not know anyone was in the water and “they were just fooling around.”

Police say the shooters, who were not identified by the snorkelers, could face a number of charges like reckless endangerment, assault and misconduct involving a weapon in the second degree. The snorkelers reported the incident to the police department on Monday (5-16-16).

The incident is a cautionary tale to always use firearms with care, and be aware of targets and surroundings. Police say “even though this event ended without injuries, the consequences could have been life altering.”