Mark Sixbey is a Tsimshian woodcarver who grew up in Metlakatla. He brought a homemade guitar to the KCAW studios in April. It has a NW Coast Wolf design. Listen to him play here. (Emily Kwong/KCAW photo)

UAS Sitka assistant Art professor Liz Zacher and adjunct instructor Mark Sixbey discuss two NW Coast Art classes this summer: the first, with Ketchikan weaver Dolores Churchill runs M-F 6-9 PM June 20 – Jul 2; the second, with Sixbey runs July 11 – 27. Register online here.

Downloadable audio.

Northwest Coast Basketry with Delores Churchill

This class will be taking place 6/20-7/2   Mon-Fri 6-9 pm and Saturday 9am-3pm

An introduction to basket weaving practiced by coastal Indians of Alaska. Projects will include twined or plaited weaving in spruce roots or cedar bark to produce a basket or plaited hat, with particular attention to traditional standards of design. Continued study of basket weaving, with emphasis on false embroidery, more complex weaving techniques and mastery of endings. There will be projects for beginner to advanced level students.

Beginning Northwest Coast Design with Mark Sixbey

This class will be taking place 7/11-7/27. Monday’s and Wednesday’s 6-9 pm

This course involves the study of the basic elements of traditional Northwest Coast Design. Includes the use of ovoids, u-shapes, and form lines to develop traditional as well as contemporary designs. Methods for transferring designs to other media, such as wood, cloth or canvas will be demonstrated as well.

Students may register in person by stopping by the UAS Sitka Campus Monday-Friday 8am-9pm, online by visiting or cal907-747-7700