A Sitka Grand Jury has indicted three Sitkans for possessing and intending to distribute heroin.

A grand jury last Friday (08-26-16) indicted Lawrence Johnson, Jr., age 42, Evelyn Calhoun, age 29, and Shammar Ferguson, age 32 with two felony counts each. One is for conspiracy to commit misconduct involving a controlled substance in the second degree, which is a class Felony C felony. The other is for misconduct involving a controlled substance in the second degree, a Class B felony.

According to courts records, on August 16th, 2016, Calhoun called the Sitka Police Department to report that Ferguson was trespassing on her property.

Johnson, who was also at the scene, then notified police that Calhoun had transported heroin and methamphetamine to Sitka. Johnson showed an officer a plastic bag containing 88.66 grams of a black, tar-like substance that tested positive for heroin. The street value of that heroin is $42,000. Officers then observed other items allegedly associated with drug distribution.

According to a police department press release from August 17th, the arrest was made in collaboration with several agencies, including the Alaska State Troopers, Southeast Alaska Cities Against Drugs Task Force, and the Ketchikan police.

Johnson Jr., Calhoun, and Ferguson were arraigned in Superior Court on Monday (08-29-16) and remain in custody at the Sitka Jail.