Alaska Day 2014

Alaska Day 2014. (KCAW Photo/Emily Kwong)

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Alaska Day is October 18th and the official festivities have begun. Alaska Day Committee member Elaine Strelow will talk about the full schedule of events. She’ll be joined by Marilyn Coruzzi, a major promoter this year for the theme: “Nursing in the Last Frontier.”

For more on the history of nursing in Alaska, tune in Sunday, Oct. 2 at 2:30 pm for a special interview conducted by Rebecca Poulson with Brownie Thompson and Marge Ward, who both happened to arrive in Sitka as adventurous young nurses in 1949.

Learn what it was like on the grim and demanding frontier of the tuberculosis epidemic, and kick off the Alaska Day theme, “Celebrating the Nurses of the Last Frontier.”