Jonah Davis s a junior at Kake City School District and a skilled gamer. (Jordana Grant/KCAW Photo)

The following personal essay was written by a student in Kake, as part of a special project between the Kake City School media class and Raven Radio.

Hello, my name is Jonah Davis and I’m in 11th grade at the Kake City School District.

When I was, oh about six years old, I got my first gaming system, a Game Boy Advance. I never brought it with me a lot of places because my Mom wouldn’t really let me. I think I had about three games for it, which were King Kong, Spyro, and some other Pokemon game. Ever since then I’ve been playing games.

Why? Well, games always just gave me something to do every time I was bored, parents were in an argument, I had no one to hang out with, or just when I was having a bad day. My mom’s fiancé gave me his PS2 or, PlayStation 2, along with one of his games, which was called Jak 3. That was the first game I ever completely beat. Even my sister played it with me every once in awhile.

Listen to Jonah’s essay, in his own words:

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After getting tons of games for my PS2 I decided it was time to move on. I really wanted to get a PS3 and so with my birthday money and money I had saved up in the past, I got one. And that’s when I really fell in love with RPG games. Role playing games. This is due to a game I got called Skyrim, which is my favorite game of all time. I’ve beaten it like four times, and let me tell you, that’s a really big game.

Once I got tons of games for my PS3, I decided it was time to get another new console. The new playstation, which is a PS4. A PS4 has very good graphics, better controllers, and a better look for the console. I haven’t quite stocked up on games for it yet and I don’t plan on getting rid of it anytime soon anyway, considering the fact that Sony just came out with one of the coolest ideas for a video game console, I think.

It’s something called the PlayStation VR. VR means “virtual reality.” It’s kind of like a pair of goggles with a headset on and some handheld joysticks that you use to control your character. It feels like you’re uh actually in the world because the VR covers your whole field of vision, so that all you see is the game’s world. So with that now, I’ll be hanging with my PS4 for awhile.

I really like games because I just like the fact that you can be a character in a medieval, modern, or even futuristic world and then you have all these options on what you want to do and what you want to be. It’s almost like a place where I can do stuff I can’t actually do in the real world. That’s pretty much it, I’ve been playing games pretty much all my life and I don’t plan to stop anytime soon. Heck I might even pursue a career in video game design.

Jonah’s media teacher is Jordana Grant in Kake. With production help from Emily Kwong.