Seafood Producers Cooperative in Sitka. (Emily Russell/KCAW)

Sitka’s Superior Court has indicted a 26 year-old man with burglary and theft felonies for stealing more than $4,000 from a local fish processing plant.

According to court documents, Derek Daly pried open a bay door at the Seafood Producers Cooperative  in the early morning hours of Dec. 21, 2016. Once inside, Daly broke open a locked file cabinet in the building’s office. He took several items from the cabinet, including bank bags, a money box with cash, rolled quarters, nearly $2,000 in loose quarters, and three Christmas cards, each containing $100.

An employee of the plant reported the crime to police later that morning. After obtaining a warrant a week later, police searched Daly’s bedroom and found the three missing Christmas cards. Video evidence also revealed Daly cashing quarters in at various stores throughout Sitka.

After evidence collection, Daly admitted to stealing $4,424.10 from the Seafood Producers Cooperative.

Derek Daly was not an employee at the Cooperative and told police he has never worked at any of Sitka’s fish processing plants. He is scheduled to appear on trial in April for burglary and theft in the second degree, both of which are class C felonies.