Program Director Rebecca Danon led 27 preschoolers through a tour of Raven Radio studio this week. The group crowded around microphones to record a station ID, marveled at vinyl records spinning on turntables, and learned the newsroom has a love of all birds – not only ravens.

Every year, Mt. Edgecumbe Preschool hosts a “Communications Week,” where students visit Raven Radio and the Sitka Sentinel, perform a dramatic play, and mail Valentine’s Day cards home using from the local post office. “Our philosophy is that you learn through play,” says teacher Toni Olson. The 30-year-old school is located on the Pioneer Home Grounds.

Hear the preschooler’s KCAW station ID:

Downloadable audio.

While leading tours, Danon emphasizes to the preschoolers that Raven Radio is their community radio station – to listen and contribute to. “I love the idea of them being to come in at this young of an age. The sooner they can grasp a feeling of ownership, maybe the sooner they can carry it on.”

A member donated a duck to Raven Radio, which nests quietly in the newsroom. (Toni Olson/KCAW photo)

Mt. Edgecumbe Preschoolers meet the Raven News therapy duck (Toni Olson/KCAW photo)