Derek Daly allegedly broke into the Bayview Pub this weekend, while out on bail for burglarizing the Seafood Producers Cooperative. (SPD Photo)

The Sitka Police Department caught the individual who they suspect broke into the Sitka Bayview Pub.

Derek Daly, age 26, was arrested yesterday (02-06-17) and charged with one count of burglary in the second degree and one count of theft in the second degree. Daly was arraigned in Sitka Superior Court today and is currently in custody in the Sitka Jail. Bail is set at $20,000.

Daly was indicted last month by a Sitka Grand Jury for burglary and theft felonies, after he allegedly stole over $4000 from the Seafood Producers Cooperative. Daly was out on bail, when he broke into the Bayview Trading Company building Sunday (02-05-17) morning.

According to the owner, Tony Buak, the thief snapped the locks off the front door and office door using a crowbar and took approximately $1,400 in cash, along with one bottle of alcohol. He was captured on five of the Pub’s 38 infrared cameras and identified from the footage. Daly is a former employee, who worked in the Pub’s kitchen for less than two weeks.

Lieutenant Walter Smith says the Sitka Police Department is still investigating four unsolved break-ins from this winter – affecting the Sitka Sentinel, Sitka Trail Works, Northern Credit Services, and the Sitka Sound Science Center. He adds that there is no link between those incidents and the break-in at the Bayview Pub.

Smith reminds concerned citizens to stay aware and secure their personal property with locks, alarm systems, or video surveillance.

To report information, call the Sitka Police Department at 747-3245 or use their anonymous crime line at 747-8980.