The Citizen’s Climate Lobby believes that placing a fee on carbon-based fuels — and distributing the proceeds to American households — will create market incentives for cleaner energy.

The Citizen’s Climate Lobby is a national organization attempting to develop policy around climate change — but not in the traditional way. The organization recently won the support of the Conservative Leadership Council for its market-based approach to reducing carbon in the atmosphere, rather than regulation and penalties.

George Donart is the Alaska state coordinator for the Citizen’s Climate Lobby. He’ll be in Sitka this weekend meeting with local officials and school groups discussing the CCL’s Carbon Fee and Dividend proposal, and working with local activists to create a Sitka chapter of the CCL.

Donart has been a teacher and a drift gillnet fisherman on the lower Yukon River for 25 years. He recently spoke with KCAW’s Robert Woolsey about his work with the CCL.

Downloadable audio.

Donart will give a public presentation on his organization’s proposal at 7:30 p.m. Saturday, February 25, in Harrigan Centennial Hall.