In two openings, the fleet – which has 52 permit holders – caught nearly 60% of its annual quota of 14,600 tons. The fishery will likely open again on Saturday (03-25-17). (Emily Kwong/KCAW photo)

Seafood processors are estimating that 5,000 tons of herring were harvested Wednesday (03-22-17). The fleet caught it all in a 15-minute window in Krestof Sound.

Eric Coonradt, Fisheries Biologist with ADF&G, says this puts the total harvest to date at 8,400 tons. Roughly, 6,200 tons remain to meet the annual quota.

Coonradt wants the fleet stand down until Saturday, in an effort to honor ADF&G’s pre-season harvest plan. The plan directs the fishery to take two days off when 4,000 to 5,500 tons is caught in a single day. He added that if there is significant spawn activity, a fishery may take place today.

During aerial surveys, ADF&G observed spots of herring spawn near Kasiana Island, Rob Point, and Inner Point.