Recreation planning including trails is on the agenda for the next meeting. (KCAW file photo)

The Sitka Comprehensive Plan is taking shape! The city invites all to an open house and work session on Tuesday, June 6 from 5-8 PM at the Harrigan Centennial Hall. Planning and Community Development Director Maegan Bosak and Planning and Community Development Director Mike Scarcelli talk about what to expect.

The goal of the meeting is to give Sitkans the opportunity to review and vote on three topics: Historical, Cultural, and Arts Resources, Parks and Recreation and Transportation goals and objectives. The Planning Commission is looking to find out what actions citizens think should be prioritized and brought forward to make Sitka the best city it can be.

“The plan is setting a vision for our community in the year 2030, so what do we want the community to look like, what features do we want it to have, what aspirations,” Bosak said.

Along with voting, the open house will also include plenty of food, a Haiku contest and an idea wall, where attendees can illustrate what they want to see in Sitka.

Downloadable audio.