Mollie Kabler began her career in radio as a volunteer at KCAW in Sitka in the mid-1980s. As of July 1, she is running both CoastAlaska and AlaskaPublicBroadcasting from her office in the Cable House. (KCAW photo/Robert Woolsey)


Longtime executive director of CoastAlaska, Mollie Kabler  is now, as of July 1st, also the executive director of Alaska Public Broadcasting Inc. The two organizations have launched a joint venture to explore more efficient ways to deliver public broadcasting services across the state.

Kabler talks with KCAW’s Robert Woolsey about her new state wide leadership role in broadcasting.

Downloadable audio.

“I’m excited to have the opportunity to work with them and the work that they do keeping the public media and ARCS and the Rural Engineering Service going,” Kabler said.