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Visiting scientists Solomon Endlich and Rachel Rosen talk about their research and pondering the mysteries of the universe. They’re part of a group of visiting physicists based at the Sitka Sound Science Center.

Rosen is an assistant professor of physics at Columbia University.  Her research focuses on gravity and quantum field theory.  Lately, she’s been diving into black hole physics and trying to understand how gravity works at the shortest distances. Solomon Endlich tackles unsolved problems in biology and holds a fellowship at Stanford University. He is currently investigating the vertebrate vision system using computational tools.

The group is taking physics questions from the public over coffee at the Science Center on Saturday, July 29th starting at 10am. Professor Kurt Hinterbichler of Case Western Regional University will also offer a talk on Thursday, August 3rd at 6 p.m. at the Sitka Public Library about attempts to measure the size of the universe.