The seven candidates are running for three open seats on the Sitka Assembly. They are, from left to right, Sonya Smith, Richard Wein, Sheila Finkenbinder, Ben Miyasato, write-in Kitty Sopow, Jaime Ackley, and Steven Eisenbeisz. (Robert Woolsey/KCAW photo)

The municipal election is Tuesday, October 3rd. While this year sees a limited number of races, there’s a wide variety of candidates for the Sitka Assembly. Not sure who to vote for? KCAW has compiled our election coverage to guide you in making an informed decision.

Who is running for the Sitka Assembly? 

There are SEVEN candidates running for THREE opens seats on the Assembly.

Ben Miyasato: Candidate Profile
Candidate Statement

Jaime Ackley: Candidate Profile
Candidate Statement

Richard Wein: Candidate Profile
Candidate Statement

Sheila Finkenbinder: Candidate Profile
Candidate Statement

Sonya Smith: Declined a KCAW profile
Listen to Smith’s forum answers, read Smith Advocacy Statement

Steven Eisenbeisz (Incumbent): Candidate Profile
Read Eisenbeisz Advocacy Statement

Kitty Sopow (Official write-in): Candidate Profile
Candidate Statement

On Tuesday, September 19th, all seven candidates participated in a 120-minute forum hosted by KCAW. The candidates represent a diverse cross section of political views and during the forum, shared their visions for health care, infrastructure, and the future of Sitka. Here’s the full audio of the Assembly forum.

Who is running for the Sitka School Board? 

Dionne Brady-Howard (l.) and Elias Erickson are running unopposed for two seats on the Sitka School Board, but that didn’t stop them from bringing the Alaska Legislature to task for threatening to cut education funding, before creating a revenue plan to ease the current budget crisis. “Education should not be partisan,” said Erickson. (KCAW photo/Emily Kwong)

There are TWO candidates running for TWO opens seats on the Assembly.

Dionne Brady-Howard (Incumbent): Candidate Profile

Elias Erickson: Candidate Profile

On Wednesday, September 20th, the two candidates for Sitka School Board participated in a 90-minute forum hosted by KCAW. With two seats available and no opposite, Brady-Howard and Erickson took the opportunity to criticize the state legislature and its continued inaction on resolving Alaska’s budget crisis. Here’s the full audio of their conversation.

Where to Vote

Precincts 1 and 2 voters will cast ballots at Harrigan Centennial Hall. Polls will be open on Tuesday, October 4th  from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. If you have questions about your precinct or the election, call Municipal Clerk Sara Peterson at 747-1811.

votingmap copy

Click on the map to see your voting precinct. If you have questions about your precinct or the election, call Municipal Clerk Sara Peterson at 747-1811. (Map courtesy of CBS)

Who Won?

Tune Raven Radio at 8 p.m. for live election returns for Sitka, as well as villages in our listening region. KCAW’s Robert Woolsey and Emily Kwong will be joined by our Winter Fellow Katherine Rose to deliver these results.