The public works department began flushing Sitka’s water distribution mains today (10-30-17), an annual event to clean the pipes. Their work will take place in different residential areas for the next week. 

The city will isolate the water mains in sections. Environmental Superintendent Shilo Williams says sectioning allows for a scouring action to take place. The mains are flushed out using hydrants and blow-off valves and in the process, sediment and biofilm are washed away.

This maintenance work will follow the schedule below. Residents of those neighborhoods may experience low water pressure during the flushing event or cloudy water. If your water is cloudy, residents should to run the cold tap until the water is clear. This process does not create any health issues. Those with questions can call the Public Works Department at 747-1804.

  • Oct 30th – Outer Lincoln Street
  • Oct 31st – Monastery Street and Verstovia Street neighborhoods
  • Nov 1st – Downtown Area
  • Nov 2nd – Sawmill Creek Road
  • Nov 3rd – Sawmill Creek Road
  • Nov 6th – Edgecumbe Drive, HPR and side streets off HPR
  • Nov 7th – Edgecumbe Drive, HPR and side streets off HPR
  • Nov 8th – Japonski Island