Cameron’s long service with Shee Atiká has been overshadowed in the past year by shareholder discontent over the financial health of the corporation. (Shee Atiká image)

Ken Cameron is stepping down from the board of Sitka’s urban Native corporation when his term expires next year, but he’ll remain in his job as president and chief executive officer.

According to news release on Shee Atiká Incorporated’s website, Cameron first joined the board as chairman in 1986 and served until he became president of Sheldon Jackson College in 1994.

He joined the board again in 2000, and was elected chair three times in 2009, 2012, and 2015. He retired as a dentist after practicing 33 years.

Pam Steffes, Vice Chairman of the Board, extended her thanks for Cameron’s “years of dedicated service to our corporation as a director and as Chairman of the Board… his dedication and knowledge has been an important part of Shee Atiká’s success over the years.”

Cameron will remain chair until the corporation’s next annual meeting. At its last annual meeting, held last June in Sitka, Cameron’s performance was a major source of shareholder concern.

CeeJay Johnson, a shareholder living in Marysville, Washington, is not satisfied that this latest move will make any difference for shareholders who remain discouraged by the corporation’s finances.

“I have a bit of mixed feelings about it. I believe that it’s a step in the right direction, but I’m also very, very concerned for the health and longevity of our corporation, considering that he’s still at the helm as CEO and president.”

Johnson suspects that Cameron’s decision to step down from the board is strategic, given his continued unpopularity, and that the board will try to find another candidate at less risk of losing the seat in next summer’s election.