The Sitka Assembly meets at 6 p.m. in Harrigan Centennial Hall. Raven News will broadcast the meeting live. (KCAW Photo)

The Sitka Assembly has a short, but significant agenda tonight, as it takes up two fisheries proposals.

See agenda here: 180109_Assembly

The first is to adopt an alternative mechanism for participating in the state’s “raw fish tax program.” The state levies a tax on fish processors and through an application process, share some of that money with local communities. However, Sitka and other cities in the area, like Wrangell and Petersburg, have historically agreed to divide that money on a per capita basis to simplify the process.

City staff are recommending the Assembly put that alternative allocation method in code (Res 2018-01).

The Sitka Assembly will also vote on whether to adopt a resolution supporting the Sitka Tribe of Alaska’s position on the sac roe herring fishery. The resolution was sponsored by Assembly members Kevin Knox and Aaron Bean. 

When the Board of Fish meets this month, they’ll hear proposal from Sitka Tribe to cap the maximum guideline harvest level (GHL) at 10% (STA Proposal 99) and close waters near the core herring egg harvest for subsistence (STA Proposal 105, STA Proposal 106).

Sitka Tribe of Alaska is also asking the Assembly to oppose Proposal 94 and Proposal 104, which would lower the subsistence threshold and re-open certain waters to commercial fishing respectively. Both proposals were submitted by the Southeast Herring Conservation Alliance.

The Board of Fish will discuss finfish proposals, which includes salmon and herring, January 15th through the 23rd at Harrigan Centennial Hall. 

The Assembly will also hear a presentation from the Sitka Sound Science Center and the RAND Corporation, as they seek community input on developing a landslide warning and response system for Sitka.

Listen to our morning interview with Katie Whipkey and Ryan Brown of RAND and SSSC Research Director Tory O’Connell below. 

Downloadable audio.

The Assembly will also appoint Cindy Littman to the Library Commission and renew multiple liquor licenses in Sitka, including those for Ludvig’s Bistro, Agave Mexican Restaurant, and the Sitka Hotel. They may enter executive session to receive an update from attorney David Bruce about litigation arising out of the 2015 Kramer Avenue landslide. 

Raven News will join the meeting live in progress with KCAW reporter Emily Kwong at 6 p.m.