“There’s four inches of concrete under there,” says architect Monique Anderson. “They had money back in the 80s!” One other legacy in the area was also discovered: The former water tap used by city groundskeepers to flood the tennis courts for ice skating in winter. (KCAW photo/Robert Woolsey)

Landscape architect Monique Anderson stands by as excavators prep the site of Sitka’s new community playground on Friday (3-16-18). One of the three tennis courts is coming out in order to make room for the fully-accessible design, which will come to over $800,000 when it’s completed in mid-June. The project is 90-percent funded by grants from the Rasmuson Foundation, the US Land & Water Conservation Fund, and private donations. Sitka’s cash outlay will only be around $50,000.

Mark your calendars for a play date sometime after June 14, the week that equipment is scheduled to be installed.