The Sitka National Cemetary on Veterans Day, 2014. (photo by Mike Hicks)

The Electric Department is planning to replace a power pole near the National Cemetery on April 28th. Customers may experience an outage at that time. (Mike Hicks/KCAW photo)

Several hundred Sitkans lost power in the early hours this morning (04-23-18).

From 5:29 a.m. to 5:54 a.m., customers on the north side of Japonski Island, south to Whale Park and north to Edgecumbe Drive experienced an outage.

The cause was a planned switching of units at the Green Lake Dam. In a statement, the City and Borough of Sitka says those units are 40-years-old and will be overhauled in 2020.

The Electric Department is also planning an outage for Saturday, April 28th to replace a power pole near the National Cemetery. While that work is being carried out, the outage will begin at 11:59 p.m. and end around 4 a.m. on Sunday morning. Some customers may experience an outage during that time.