A three-time champion, Baggen landed this 33.6-pounder on Saturday (6-2-18). Still it’s a minnow compared to her past winners of 48 pounds (2000) and 56 pounds (2009). (Sitka Salmon Derby photo)

Vicki Baggen is the winner of the 63rd annual Sitka Salmon Derby. Again.

Baggen turned in a 33.6-pound king Saturday afternoon, knocking Pat Dodson’s 31-pounder into second place.

No larger fish was landed on Sunday, giving Baggen her third win in the contest, and a prize of $7,500, plus $500 for having the largest fish on Saturday. Baggen won in 2000 with a 48-pound fish, and again in 2009 with one weighing 56 pounds.

Although there’s no prize for runner-up, Pat Dodson will get $500 for landing the largest fish on Monday — Memorial Day — during the first weekend of the derby.

Mike Pountney landed the third-largest king in the event — but he’ll get a check for $1,000 as the total poundage leader. Pountney brought in five fish weighing a total of 100.3 pounds. Second-place in total poundage — and $800 — goes to Erin Kitka, who brought in salmon totalling 84.5 pounds. Third place — and $500 — goes to Gina Smalley, also with 84.5 pounds of total salmon landed.

Last week KCAW ran a story about the possibility that the then-leader of the derby — Pat Dodson’s 31.6 pounder — would be the smallest winner ever. Although Vicki Baggen’s king topped Dodson’s by a couple of pounds, her fish now becomes the smallest winner on record in the Sitka salmon derby by 2.1 pounds.

2018 Sitka Salmon Derby Results

Largest king:
1. Vicki Baggen, 33.5
2. Pat Dodson, 31.6
3. Mike Pountney, 28
4. Gary Bernhardt, 27.8
5. Shannon Smith, 27.1
6. Elsie Yocum, 27
7. Chris Lamb, 26.3
8. Josh McGraw, 26.2
9. Sarah Smith, 26.2
10. David Jenny, 25.9

Total poundage:
1. Mike Pountney, 100.3
2. Erin Kitka, 84.5
3. Gina Smalley, 84.5
4. Keri Gray, 80
5. Jack Haley, 77.4
6. Riley Bernhardt, 73.8
7. Gary Bernhardt, 57.8
8. Piper Vaughn, 55.2
9. Lonny Gish, 53.5

2620 pounds of salmon.
154 fish turned in.
94 people turned in a fish.

Only 2 people turned in a fish every day of the derby. 6 year old Jack Haley, and total pounds leader, Mike Pountney.

Derby winners will claim their prizes at the annual awards banquet on June 14 in the Gil Truitt Activity Center on the Mt. Edgecumbe High School campus.