Speaking at the graduation ceremony Academy Deputy Commander Sergeant Eric Spitzer noted the transformation many of the cadets experience, as he overhears them talking to family during training. “And while on the phone they’re talking about ‘hard focus on the front sight,’ and ‘compressive frag break,’ and ‘agressive reset,'” said Spitzer. “If that was you on the other end of the phone — I apologize!” (KCAW photo/Robert Woolsey)

The Alaska Law Enforcement Training (ALET) Academy graduated 27 students Friday afternoon (6-8-18), after what — for most of the cadets — must have been a long 15 weeks: Up 5 days-a-week at 5 a.m. for 90-minutes of physical training (including long runs through Sitka), then coursework on subjects running the gamut of law enforcement: criminal justice, investigations, traffic violations, communications, defensive tactics, and use of firearms. A total of 1,009 hours in all for “ALET Session Number 1801.” Now most will go on to a 12-week Field Training and Evaluation program. If all goes well, they’ll be promoted to Trooper about 12-months from the start date of their training.