The Zaandam, in Honolulu. The clear barrier is visible near the upper deck of the ship. Sitka police Lt. Lance Ewers said this made it challenging to bring the young woman back to safety. (Flickr photo/Daniel Ramirez)

Sitka police, fire, and EMS responded to the Old Sitka Dock Friday afternoon (6-15-18) after the crew of Holland America’s Zaandam reported that a passenger had climbed to the outer rail of an upper deck and was contemplating suicide.

Sitka police Lieutenant Lance Ewers says that the department responded with a ‘crisis intervention team’ and convinced the passenger — a young adult woman — to return inside of the rail (a clear plastic barrier), and she finally did so, after a few tense moments.

Personnel from the Sitka Fire Department were on the water below, in the Emergency Response Vessel (ERV).

Ewers says the young woman was brought ashore for counseling and treatment.

The Zaandam’s scheduled 4 p.m. departure was delayed 40 minutes by the incident, according to shore agent Fred Reeder.