In this photo taken from the deck of the Anacapa, the Allen Marine tour vessel St. Eugene is seen offloading passengers from the Alaskan Dream, which is aground on a beach in Olga Strait. None of the Dream’s 43 passengers or 10 crew members were injured in the incident. (USGC photo)

All passengers and crew were safely evacuated after the small cruise ship Alaskan Dream ran aground north of Sitka Saturday morning (6-30-18).

According to the US Coast Guard, the 104-foot ship operated by Sitka-based Alaskan Dream Cruises went aground on a shallow beach in Olga Strait, about 12 miles northeast of Sitka.

A Coast Guard photograph shows the Alaskan Dream partially out of the water on the beach, resting upright on its twin catamaran hulls.

The Allen Marine tour vessel St. Eugene came to the aid of the Alaskan Dream, taking off its 43 passengers and 10 crew. All were transferred to Allen Marine’s dock in Jamestown Bay.

The Coast Guard cutter Anacapa stood by while passengers were transferred. No injuries or other medical concerns were reported. The Anacapa remained on station through the turn of the tide to make sure there were no stability problems with the Alaskan Dream as it was refloated.