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Baranof Barracudas Swim Club hosts its annual “Change Your Latitude” open water swim 7 a.m. Sunday, August 12. Race Director Kevin Knox is seeking volunteers who can paddle kayaks and serve as safety escorts. Kayaks are available for those who do not have their own.

Knox spoke with KCAW host Brooke Schafer about the lure of adventure races in the United States, Sitka’s surprisingly warm waters, and the multitude of competitors from outside Sitka. “We’ve had participants all the way from Florida, New York, and Texas and California. We’ve got people coming from all over the West Coast this year and in fact we have our first international participant – from Toronto – this year,” he said.

At 57 degrees north, the race is the northern-most competitive swim race in the United States. The course starts and finishes at Sitka Sound Science Center and runs along Sitka National Historical Park.

Support paddlers should contact Will Walker at 251-648-9796 or email at