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A new campaign to reduce CO2 kicks off in Sitka today: “Stop Idling, Start $aving.” Citizens are encouraged to take an idle-free pledge in Sitka, turning off their vehicle to save money, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and improve air quality. Campaign leader Stephanie Staley and Doug Osborne with the Health and Human Services Commission talk about how to get involved.

Sitkans can take an idle-free pledge by filling out a card at one of five locations (White’s Pharmacy, Sitka Public Library, the Hames Center, the Sitka Sound Science Center, and the Sheldon Jackson Child Care Center). Those who fill out a pledge card can win weekly prizes.

“My own vehicle made me sick this past winter,” Staley said. Determined to defrost her windshield without turning on her engine, she now defrosts with a solution that is two thirds rubbing alcohol and one third water. Staley has bottled that solution for distribution in Sitka.

The kick-off begins with a screening of the film, “Idle Threat: Man on Emission” at 6 p.m. tonight (09-12-18) at the Sitka Public Library. The film documents the efforts of citizen George Pakenham to enforce laws that restrict curbside engine idling in New York City.

Sitka’s awareness campaign is backed by the Sitka Health Summit’s CO2 reducers action group through a $500 mini-grant. The group meets on Thursdays at noon at North Sister Juice & Crepe Co.