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Becky Meiers will take over as Raven Radio’s General Manager on October 15th.

The Raven Radio Foundation Board has hired the station’s sixth general manager. Becky Meiers will be joining us October 15th from Portland, OR. She joined us on the Morning Interview alongside board member Ted Howard.

What music would Becky bring to a desert island? How did she fall in love with community radio? She said, “I live and breath radio, which is kind of a privilege.” Howard added, “One thing that impressed us about [Meiers] is her passion for public radio and creativity. We think [she’s] going to be a great fit for our Raven family.”

Meiers is currently the Development Director at KBOO, a non-commercial community radio station in Portland, Oregon. She also volunteers for several other media organization. In the past, she has worked as a radio announcer, administrative professional and teacher of English as a second language overseas. She speaks French and Korean in addition to English. Meiers earned a Bachelor of Art degree in photography. She is a voracious reader and enthusiastic player of role-playing and board games. Read Raven Radio’s full press release here.

Lily Herwald and Robin Sherman served as Raven Radio’s interim general managers in the past year, after Ken and Rachel Fate left the position in August 2017.