Did you miss us when we read your Sitka Love Note? Listen here! Our celebration of local love aired from 8-10 p.m. on Thursday February 14. We read over forty ‘Sitka Love Notes’ and played numerous song dedications, from Elton John to John Legend.

Here are some of our favorites:

Dear Cookie,

You are the best cat ever. Just so you know mom does not like it when you nibble her toes to wake her up. I love you lots.


Dear Anna, Here’s hoping you have a fabulous Valentine’s Day in Sitka. Let’s hope those bears keep sleeping right through May. We love you very much!

Mom & Dad


To the Highliner Coffee Baristas and Bakers,

I love you for making my day so much better. God Bless all of you for making my coffee and day so much better.

Sincerely, Rachel


Stephanie loves Tony.


To Sarah,

I love you.

Love, Your Coconut


Thank you to the community of Sitka for welcoming me into this place I now call home. I’ve been here three years and Sitka is now my happy place. I love you all!


Dear Momma and Jo Jo,

Have a good day! Would you be my Valentines? I love you very much.

With Love Love Love-




Want to try for another 43 years??



Haiku For a Handsome Mountain Man from Ohio:

Handsome Mountain Man

rock, soil, wood connoisseur

You move, my love is 24/7

Dear Lover and Papa of Tofu Lewis,

I know you might find yourself thinking like that Blues song says, “She’s not coming back.”

But I am!

In these winter months, I just so need the warmth of my favorite Celestial Being right into my bones, right into my flesh.

But God willing there are still glorious days ahead for us. And we will create and laugh and love and play and speculate and plan and make music and smack balls and love and tell our secrets, and hold the mirror up for each other to see the deeper, everlasting, original beauty.

Love you now and always and forever,

Your Moon Puppy

To my dear husband Casey,

You are the love of my life. I moved to Sitka as your hired deckhand and it took little more than a week for us to fall in love. I am so thankful to share this beautiful place and beautiful life with you. Here’s to a lifetime of camping, fishing and playing music together.




To my sweet husband Henry Larsen, I love you so much.


To Dave Longtin,

Roses are red, violets are blue,
Who’s the best dada?
I think it’s you!

Love, Elliot



Thank you for blessing me with our beautiful babies and making our lives better by just being you.

Love, Kendra


Roses are red, violets are blue.  You are my rabbit, and I love you too.

Timothy hay is green, bananas are yellow. You are just so adorable, ‘specially when you preen.

Your darling ears are black, and your fluff is all white.  You’re so cute when you eat, notably your papaya snack.

Roses are red, violets are blue.  You are my rabbit, and I love you too.

Happy Valentines Day, Groucho!



You are an inspiration and local legend. I admire your intellect, curiosity and tenacity. I feel fortunate to work with you.

Your devotee

My Dearest Sean Poffenbarger,

May you always be amongst people who Love you. Forever Forward.

Love you,

Your Family


I love you Dada, (Jacob)

You make my heart full.

Love Kaiyaa


PopPop Tony and Grandma Steph want to wish their precious grandchildren Elijaha and Ariviah a Happy, Happy Valentine’s Day. I’ll love you forever! <3 <3



You came into my life at just the right moment and make me happy and complete. I plan to spend every day of the rest of your life with you. Happy Valentine’s Day!


Victoria and Beth Compton,

Thank you two very much! You both have taken me right in, and just thank you for being so wonderful. I LOVE YOU!




I love and need you desperately…… please phone home. 623-0726

Jeff Kinnan


To all my dance students and their families and to all my dancing friends:  Keep your head held high and let your spirit soar. Thanks for dancing and sharing your amazing energy with me!  See you in class!

Melinda McAdams, Sitka Studio of Dance


Valentine for “Uno”

Uno, my pet, my prince. You are my heart and my inspiration. You make me laugh first thing in the morning and last thing at night. Making you happy gives me joyful purpose.

Uno, I love you!


To Melissa:

Wish You Some Cheer

Roses are Red
Floyd is Pink
Coming to see you
What do you think?

I’ll be there Thursday
The wait is real short.
Come pick me up
At Sitka Airport.

Over the weekend
We’ll catch some Tunes
Sitka Fine Arts
Dark Side of the Moon!

Love you,

My name is Crystal McLain, currently living in Bristol, Maine, and I just wanted to send the biggest, squeeziest, love to all my Sitka family. There are too many to name independently, but you know who you are. Spread the love, my dears, and know you’re always in my heart. Big sloppy kisses, Crystal.

A message for my husband Joshua Andresky:

“So thankful I have found my soulmate to embark on this journey called life. Thank you for all you have done for us. We love you!” – Nina

I love you Sitka. You are my Goddess, with your sparkly, sometimes solemn, blue-grey eyes & your year ‘round green gowns. You are a Siren. You call creatures to you, & when they try to leave, you call them back, only to embrace them in your lovely,wide-open arms. I love you, Sitka. I am yours, Always. Feb. 14, 2019
A. Human


Dear Lulu,
I treasure your company on Sunday mornings, from 7am-9am AKST. Your voice is usually the first one I hear, in my car, on the way to work. When I get to work, your voice continues, and keeps me company as I start my day. The start of my Sunday shift is one of the rare times when I’m completely alone in my restaurant. It’s just me and the radio, alone in a hundred year old building. KCAW broadcasts from the same building, so I feel particularly close to the radio.

I appreciate working with you. We’re both at work on Sunday mornings while much of the world has the day off to relax. We’re both facilitating weekend relaxation, you on the radio, and me with brunch. I imagine other people sitting at home, drinking coffee and leisurely listening to the radio as part of their weekend routine. You’re at work though, with live interviews and researched news segments.

You’re there with me, every week. Your voice is empathetic and comforting. You sound concerned and interested as you report on the world’s news, you casually mention being an overseas correspondent, being a parent of a little girl. When you were gone for a week, I worried about you.

As Weekend Edition progresses, so does my prep– I know that if I’m not done with my potatoes by the time you and Will Stortz start the Puzzle, I’m behind! I love listening to the Puzzle! It’s like the dessert of the whole program. You’re such a kind, empowering cheerleader for whoever the guest is! Even when someone has a hard time, you manage the caller gracefully, and avoid awkwardness. I’m always so impressed.

I’m really glad you’re there. Thank you and Happy Valentine’s Day!



Years ago when we bought a boat together, neither of us knew precisely what we were doing. (We might say the same of when we started loving each other.) Yet we’ve taken the time to listen to the water and learn with humility, to be patient, and to thoughtfully appreciate what is unknown and sometimes scary. We’ve come to balance our adventure with a profound respect for what we are part of and what is yet bigger than us. And now look what we have—an abundance of that vivid life that sings and dances in and through the rain. Together, we are reminded of what it means, to us, to be human.

And this is how you know I would do it all over again, a billion times: every morning we wake up together, and every morning I say, Yes(!!).

Always and already yours,

I am constantly grateful that we found each other. It would have been so much easier to have had enjoyed a casual conversation, and then moved on with our respective, non-intersecting lives. But here we are, on an island in rural Alaska, raising our daughter and thoroughly enjoying our life together. With you I feel incredibly relaxed, respected, supported, and challenged to be the best version of myself. You think I have good ideas, and help me work on projects that seem really hard. You are kind, empathetic, thoughtful, brilliant, and sooo handsome <3 I am so delighted that we are married, and I look forward to spending this, and every Valentines Day with you. Your loving wife- Renee