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My name is Jeff Budd and I am very concerned for Sitka and the rest of Alaska’s communities given the governors budget and it implications, and the huge PFD.

At Tuesday’s city assembly meeting, Mayor Paxton reminded Sitkans that passing a state budget is a process that takes several months to complete. Governor Dunleavy’s budget is still a proposal, not a finished product.

As a longtime Sitkan who is deeply concerned with the potential damage that the governor’s proposed budget would do to our community, I take heart in Mayor Paxton’s words. I’m also reminded I have the right and responsibility to participate in my government when I see an administration with ideas that I feel are harmful.

I believe the oversized PFD payments the governor proposes will harm Alaska. These back payments from previous years will come at the expense of our schools, ferry system and other essential resources we can’t do without.

The meeting of the State Senate Affairs Committee on Thursday, February 28 is open to public testimony from all Alaskans. At 6 p.m., offices around the state, including the Sitka office, will provide a live feed allowing citizens to address lawmakers directly.

Ken Fate at the Sitka LIO can provide more information on public testimony about Governor Dunleavy’s proposed supplemental PFD payments. His number is 747-6276. Additional information is available at Please find time to be at the LIO in Totem Square on the evening of Thursday, February 28 at 6 p.m.