Louise Brady holds a herring Tinaa, one of many gifts from the 2018 Yaaw Koo.eex’. An ancient tradition, the Yaaw Koo.eex’ was revived last year. The event at the ANB Founders Hall on Saturday, April 6, runs from 2 p.m. until “late in the night.”

Louise Brady describes the schedule for the Saturday, April 6, Koo.eex’ hosted by the Sitka Kiks.adi. A canoe will be launched from Old Sitka, and paddled to Crescent Harbor with a planned arrival time of 1 p.m. Everyone will then march to the ANB Founders Hall for the 2 p.m. koo.eex’ (translated literally as “an invitation”). Everyone is invited to spend the afternoon and evening celebrating herring. With Chandler O’Connell from the Sitka Conservation Society.