The Garden Show returns, even in the midst of a global pandemic!

Hosts Mollie Kabler and Kitty LaBounty (calling from the island) share the joys and the struggles of gardening in Southeast Alaska. This program will air regularly on Fridays, from 9:30 – 10 AM, a part of the Good Day Bluegrass Show. Make sure to call in with your questions on Friday mornings – the number to call is 747-5877!

2020 Episodes

Episode 9/4/2020: Bulbs and more bulbs, darlings.

Episode 8/21/2020: Put on the raingear and do battle! Words of encouragement and flowers that thrive! Dahlias, Snapdragons, Gladiolas, Nigella

Episode 8/14/2020: What’s going terribly well? How about that row of pennies? Mollie takes questions from listeners!

Episode 8/7/2020: Opportunistic Gardening in a Wet Season: When to save things and when to let them go.

Episode 7/24/2020: Berries and Brambles! Also: what’s good to plant late in the season (but watch out for slugs.) Resource:

Episode 7/10/2020: Shrubs for looking at.

Episode 7/3/2020: Herbs: what’s easiest to grow from seed, what works in Southeast Alaska.

Episode 6/19/2020: What to do in an unkind summer. Slugs are top of the mind, and a word on fertilizers: what to use and when to use them.

Episode 5/22/2020: Weed (not that kind) and Weed Suppression.

Episode 5/15/2020: Slugs & Thugs: annoying animals and robust plants in the garden. Also, Transplanting on ‘Frost Free Friday.’

Episode 5/8/2020: Dahlias and Fertilizers and Herbs, Oh My!: what’s working well, what you can grow inside.

Episode 5/1/2020: Soil Matters! Treatment for Seedlings, Baking Soil, and Is There Such A Thing As Too Many Herring Eggs.

Episode 4/24/2020: Carrots & Potatoes: how to plant them, Investigating Bitten Rhododendron Leaves.

Episode 4/17/2020: Rhododendrons, Deer Repellent Recommendations from Tenakee, What to do with Gentle Nights and Tender Starts.

Past Episodes


Episode 6/15/19: Pests, Weeds, Fertilizing, and Questions

Episode 5/25/19: Mid-season Gardening

Episode 5/11/19: Gardening 101


Episode 4/12/18: Planting Seeds and Selecting Varieties


Episode 6/28/17: Top 10 Herbs

Episode 6/19/17: Top 10 Veggies

Episode 6/14/17: Container Gardening on the Deck

Episode 6/7/17: Top 10 Flowers

Episode 5/18/17: Veggies

Episode 5/10/17: Containers, Potatoes, and Hardening Off Starts

Episode 5/4/17: Special Guest Keith Nyitray

Episode 4/28/17: Country Gardenin’

Episode 4/19/17: Local Resources and More


Episode 4/6/16: Rhododendron (pledge drive)

Episode 4/13/16: Primroses & “No Struggle” plants

Episode 4/20/16: 5 Productive Easy-to-grow Veggies

Episode 4/27/16: Transplanting

Episode 5/4/16: Early Summer Prep

Episode 5/18/16: Roses

Episode 5/25/16: Herbs

Episode 6/08/16: Pests

Episode 6/15/16: Fragrants

Episode 6/22/16: Harvesting

Episode 6/29/16: Greenhouse

Episode 8/31/16: Fall Part 1

Episode 12/14/16: Winter!