The Garden Show returns, even in the midst of a global pandemic!

Hosts Mollie Kabler and Kitty LaBounty share the joys and the struggles of gardening in Southeast Alaska. This program will air regularly on Fridays, from 9:30 – 10 AM, a part of the Good Day Bluegrass Show. Make sure to call in with your questions on Friday mornings – the number to call is 747-5877!

2021 Episodes

Episode 6/25/21 – Jasmine Shaw on the air, talking about the UAF Cooperative Extension

Episode 6/18/21 – Mollie is in Anchorage and talking about issues with green leafies

Episode 6/11/21 – Preparing for your edible food garden, and avoiding aggravation

Episode 6/4/21 – Florence Welch on the air, from

Episode 5/28/21 – Mollie show: what are her favorite references and inspirational sources?

Episode 5/14/21 – The start of the gardening season!

Episode 5/7/21 – Getting technology organized! Mollie and Kitty talk about the wild winter/spring

Past Episodes


Episode 9/4/2020: Bulbs and more bulbs, darlings.

Episode 8/21/2020: Put on the raingear and do battle! Words of encouragement and flowers that thrive! Dahlias, Snapdragons, Gladiolas, Nigella

Episode 8/14/2020: What’s going terribly well? How about that row of pennies? Mollie takes questions from listeners!

Episode 8/7/2020: Opportunistic Gardening in a Wet Season: When to save things and when to let them go.

Episode 7/24/2020: Berries and Brambles! Also: what’s good to plant late in the season (but watch out for slugs.) Resource:

Episode 7/10/2020: Shrubs for looking at.

Episode 7/3/2020: Herbs: what’s easiest to grow from seed, what works in Southeast Alaska.

Episode 6/19/2020: What to do in an unkind summer. Slugs are top of the mind, and a word on fertilizers: what to use and when to use them.

Episode 5/22/2020: Weed (not that kind) and Weed Suppression.

Episode 5/15/2020: Slugs & Thugs: annoying animals and robust plants in the garden. Also, Transplanting on ‘Frost Free Friday.’

Episode 5/8/2020: Dahlias and Fertilizers and Herbs, Oh My!: what’s working well, what you can grow inside.

Episode 5/1/2020: Soil Matters! Treatment for Seedlings, Baking Soil, and Is There Such A Thing As Too Many Herring Eggs.

Episode 4/24/2020: Carrots & Potatoes: how to plant them, Investigating Bitten Rhododendron Leaves.

Episode 4/17/2020: Rhododendrons, Deer Repellent Recommendations from Tenakee, What to do with Gentle Nights and Tender Starts.


Episode 6/15/19: Pests, Weeds, Fertilizing, and Questions

Episode 5/25/19: Mid-season Gardening

Episode 5/11/19: Gardening 101


Episode 4/12/18: Planting Seeds and Selecting Varieties


Episode 6/28/17: Top 10 Herbs

Episode 6/19/17: Top 10 Veggies

Episode 6/14/17: Container Gardening on the Deck

Episode 6/7/17: Top 10 Flowers

Episode 5/18/17: Veggies

Episode 5/10/17: Containers, Potatoes, and Hardening Off Starts

Episode 5/4/17: Special Guest Keith Nyitray

Episode 4/28/17: Country Gardenin’

Episode 4/19/17: Local Resources and More


Episode 4/6/16: Rhododendron (pledge drive)

Episode 4/13/16: Primroses & “No Struggle” plants

Episode 4/20/16: 5 Productive Easy-to-grow Veggies

Episode 4/27/16: Transplanting

Episode 5/4/16: Early Summer Prep

Episode 5/18/16: Roses

Episode 5/25/16: Herbs

Episode 6/08/16: Pests

Episode 6/15/16: Fragrants

Episode 6/22/16: Harvesting

Episode 6/29/16: Greenhouse

Episode 8/31/16: Fall Part 1

Episode 12/14/16: Winter!