Assembly members attempted to remove City Administrator Keith Brady, pictured above, during his job performance review in April. That measure failed 3-3, but they’ll consider a resolution to remove Brady again this week (KCAW/Kwong)

At their regular meeting Tuesday (6/11/19), the Sitka Assembly will consider a preliminary resolution to remove Keith Brady from his position as city administrator.

Assembly members attempted to fire Brady in April during Brady’s job performance review. At that meeting, member Kevin Mosher brought the motion to the table, and it narrowly failed 3-3, with Mayor Gary Paxton and assembly members Kevin Knox and Aaron Bean opposed. The assembly agreed to revisit Brady’s job performance in 90 days.

Less than two months later, the assembly is again considering Brady’s employment. The resolution that will be brought forth Tuesday (6/11/19) is sponsored by assembly members Mosher, Bean and Richard Wein. Only four assembly members need to vote in favor of the resolution for it to pass on first and final reading.

KCAW spoke to Brady, who said, “I’m obviously surprised. I was expecting this in my re-evaluation, just not so soon.”

If the resolution passes, Brady will be suspended immediately and will receive his salary until there is a final resolution for removal is adopted by the assembly. Brady will also have the right to request a public hearing.