The parade progressed down Lincoln Street on a bluebird day. (KCAW/Nina Sparling)

Sitkans filled the streets in celebration of national independence. Kids chased candy; the Coast Guard marched in lockstep, and the Sitka Fine Arts Camp pooled its artistic talent to paint banners and signs expressing discontent with the looming elimination of the State Council on the Arts. 

The Coast Guard led the parade… (KCAW/Nina Sparing)
…and they stayed in strict formation. (KCAW/Nina Sparling)
Some parade-goers danced their way from one end of town to the other. (KCAW/Nina Sparling)
Local businesses decorated for the holiday. (KCAW/Nina Sparling)
Old friends ran into each other. (KCAW/Nina Sparling)
Kids of all ages dashed into the street to collect candy. (KCAW/Nina Sparling)
SeaMart employees — and family members — pushed shopping carts down Lincoln Street. The tossed bananas into the crowd for a healthier option. (KCAW/Nina Sparling)
Sitka Cirque twirled, somersaulted, and generally impressed parade-watchers. (KCAW/Nina Sparling)
Gunshots kept everyone on their toes. (KCAW/Nina Sparling)
Big smiles aboard the Elks Lodge float. (KCAW/Nina Sparling)
The Sitka Sentinel paraded a clear message in its archive-pasted truck. (KCAW/Nina Sparling)
Right down to protective sun-gear, the Sitka Sentinel expressed affection for print news. (KCAW/Nina Sparling)
Fourth of July cheer — and makeshift signs — abounded. (KCAW/Nina Sparling)
Many of Sitka’s sports teams made an appearance. (KCAW/Nina Sparling)
The Sitka Fine Arts Camp brought up the rear of the parade — with a clear message about the recent move to eliminate the State Council on the Arts. (KCAW/Nina Sparling)