It takes a lot of resources to run a radio station! The KCAW staff put together some of the items that we anticipate needing to get or replace in the next year on this wish list. We will keep it updated as we go. Keep in mind that some of these links may be to Amazon Smile, a program that is being discontinued.

Last update: February 1st, 2023


ItemWhat we need it for
Lenovo Chromebook LaptopWe need two of these. For taking donations during the membership drives.
16 GB SD CardsFor storage on our camera and our field recorders.
Ground CoffeeFor caffeination and radio making! This is a standing wish list item.
Zoom H5 Digital RecorderWe need only 1 more of these. These are used in the newsroom, and this one would be a backup.
Printer PaperWe’re always printing things. We use 8.5″x11″ paper.
Rechargeable Batteries We use many many of these, of all sizes. Commonly, we use AAA, AA, and 9V the most.
Epson EcoTank ET-5800 InkThis is ink for our lobby printer. It uses cartridge-less ink: CYMK.
Dynamic MicrophonesWe use Shure SM58s in our live remotes, and can always use more.
A bright projector for outdoor useWe want to have drive- (or boat-) in movie nights! Something like this.
Projector ScreenSomething to show movies on outside. Something like this.
Collapsible Hand CartFor moving our tabling stuff to and from the station.
Acer SB220Q Computer MonitorWe have many old and outdated monitors to replace. We need a few of these.
DioxitTo clean corroded things – like everything at the translator sites.
Cloudfilter PreampThis will help sweeten the sound on our microphones in the station. We need 10 of these.
Floor LampWe would love to have one in our new contemporary vinyl section for maximum cozy vibes!
Sony MDR-7506 HeadphonesHundreds of people use these headphones each month, and they inevitably break. We need a steady stream of these.
Side TableWe would love to have one for our new contemporary vinyl section!
Inside PlantsOur committed staff are interested in caring for leafy green friends. Any size or type is appreciated.