Former KCAW reporter Emily Kwong spent much of this year getting used to a different kind of climate – and how it’s changing.

Emily Kwong joins KCAW’s Katherine Rose to talk about her recent reporting. Kwong spent the first several months of 2019 reporting on climate migration in Mongolia. And she credits the lessons she learned working as a reporter at KCAW in Sitka with helping her follow and unpack complicated, nuanced stories.

The reporting came out of a fellowship called Above the Fray. NPR sends a new and up-and-coming journalist to an under-reported place in the world. For Kwong, that meant leaving Sitka, heading to Washington D.C. for initial training, and then, finally, to Mongolia for two months. She spent the next several months working through the material she collected, eventually producing a three-part 21-minute story that aired on NPR’s Morning Edition this week.

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