A subcommittee of the Sitka Assembly met Monday (8/19/19) at Harrigan Centennial Hall to discuss filling a newly opened tax specialist position. (KCAW File Photo)

An assembly subcommittee tasked with saving money by reviewing vacant city jobs has recommended hiring a replacement for an outgoing tax specialist.

City Controller Melissa Haley told the subcommittee on Monday that the tax specialist position is critical as it’s the front line for Sitka’s sales tax office that collects revenue. 

“It’s very difficult when that position is empty and it’s critical that we get someone in that position before the next quarter ends, because then we get a deluge of returns,” Haley said. “It’s a very busy time, we want to make sure we hire someone as quickly as possible and get them up to speed.” 

Two of three members on the subcommittee — Richard Wein and Valorie Nelson — met briefly Monday to endorse hiring a replacement. The starting salary is $50,864. Subcommittee chair Steven Eisenbeisz was absent.

It will be up to the full assembly to decide whether to move forward. It’s slated to meet at 6 p.m. Thursday August 22 to review candidates for the open city administrator position to lead the municipality following Keith Brady’s dismissal in June.