Sitka Public Library Director Kathryn Hurtley resigned from her post, citing an opportunity in Washington state. Her last day on the job is September 13. (KCAW/Enrique Pérez de la Rosa)

Another city department head has resigned from her post. Sitka Public Library Director Kathryn Hurtley is leaving this month. She says she’s accepted an opportunity in a larger library network, the Whatcom County Library System in Blaine Washington. 

Hurtley is the latest in a growing list of city department heads to move on. Earlier this week, utility director Bryan Bertacchi tendered his resignation. The city has been without a planning director, communications director, and human resources director for months, and in June the assembly fired city administrator Keith Brady. They’re in the midst of rehiring for that position right now. 

Hurtley said she enjoyed working for Brady and the current interim administrator Dave Miller. And while she said she enjoyed working for the city overall, she said the absence of a human resources director has an impact on all city department heads.

“Not having leadership in that department is something I truly believe the city needs to address quickly to attract professionals, keep them, and make sure they feel they’re being valued, appreciated, and that policies are being looked at so we’re all on the same page all the time,” Hurtley said, speaking to KCAW on Thursday (9-5-19).

Hurtley added that while it isn’t the reason she’s leaving, not having someone running human resources is unusual, and makes it hard for department heads to ensure they’re doing the right things for the city. 

Hurtley’s last day of work will be September 13. 

Utility director steps down

Sitka’s electric utility director has given his notice, and will leave the job later this month.

Bryan Bertacchi submitted his resignation letter Wednesday (9-4-19) to interim city administrator Dave Miller.

In a conversation with KCAW, Bertacchi said he had no negative feelings whatsoever toward Sitka, he’s sorry to be leaving the community, and that he considers it an honor to head the Electric Department over the last several years. He said that he’s been given an extraordinary opportunity to head an electric cooperative, and it was too tempting to pass up. He did not disclose where the co-op was located.

Bertacchi’s last day will be September 18. He says that his wife, city assessor Wendy Lawrence, will remain at work in Sitka, and join him in the near future.

Read Bertacchi’s resignation letter here