Benjamin Miyasato

Age: 55

How many years have you lived in Sitka and in Alaska? 55 years in Alaska, 47 in Sitka

Occupation: Retired military/banker

Current community involvement: 
Served 6 years Sitka Tribe of Alaska Council Member 
Served 4 years on Assembly

Previous government or other relevant experience: 

See above. 

Why are you running for the Sitka Assembly this year?  

I have been asked by the public to run. Assembly needs experienced assembly members. 

What are your top priorities if elected? 

– New business
-New investment
-New police department
-Homeless shelter
– Drug and alcohol treatment program
-Affordable housing
– Food security


Expecting the worst from the state, the assembly wrote a very tight budget for the year. How would you direct city staff to appropriate any additional funds if they became available, from the state or other revenue sources. 

Have city administrator look at any and all grant possibilities. Ask our Alaska delegation in Congress if any federal aid for designated issue (i.e. renewable energy)

The assembly’s role in hiring/firing: 

Several leadership positions are currently vacant within municipal government, including the city administrator, human resources director, and planning director. What role should the assembly play in hiring and firing city staff? 

Believe strongly that the assembly should only be responsible in hiring/firing of administrator and attorney.


How do you respond when you sense growing public opposition to an ordinance you support? What if you sponsored the ordinance, and feel it’s in the best interest of the public that it pass? 

Listen respectfully to those in favor and those opposed. If necessary, have mayor look at the possibility of a public hearing.


The assembly has had some very tense moments over the past year. Can you describe what appropriate conduct and participation at the assembly table looks like to you? 

Listen respectfully to the public. Respect the points of view of all sides and if the issue in question is the best course of action for Sitka and Sitkans.