Kevin Knox is one of five candidates running for a seat on the Sitka Assembly. The municipal election is Tuesday, October 1.

Kevin Knox is one of five candidates running for a seat on the Sitka Assembly. The municipal election is Tuesday, October 1.

I’m Kevin Knox and running for re-election to the Sitka Assembly. My three years on the Assembly has been rewarding, intellectually stimulating, challenging, and for our future I felt compelled to ask for another term to serve Sitka. Raising our son and daughter here, my family and I are invested in the future of Sitka and seeing it thrive. I ask for the privilege to contribute to our community by serving on the Assembly for another three years.

Where some people see catastrophe and hard times, we need to seek out opportunity. Sitka is a remarkable place. My family moved here in 1973, when my father accepted a position with Mt. Edgecumbe Hospital. I attended Sitka Public Schools, the same schools that my mother Kara taught in for more than 20 years. I graduated from Sitka High in 1989, and from Western Washington University in 1994. I lived in Seattle for many years, working in diverse settings, including youth services for homeless teens, the American Cancer Society, and as a commercial airline pilot.

Since returning home in 2010 I have served on non-profit boards, City of Sitka commissions and now on the Assembly. My life here has been enriched by everything that makes Sitka what it is, from the outdoors and subsistence lifestyle to rich arts and cultural offerings. I have immersed myself with my family in that diversity of life. 

It is a privilege to raise a family in a town that values social service programs, arts & culture, a quality school system, and a growing spectrum of healthcare services. To preserve and sustain these unique privileges during changing economic times, and a dramatically shifting state political landscape has compelled me to run for a second term. 

My experience over the past three years of listening to the community exchange on the issues Sitka has tackled has enriched my experience here. I believe that the challenges the Assembly has faced and my process and tenor at the table is what Sitka needs more of. We must strive to engage in a calm discourse with our community and at the table with each other. I wish to be a part of that dialogue, process and tenor through challenges and successes. 

I am running again for Assembly because I am invested in helping Sitka continue to be a good place for my family and for yours.