Interim City Administrator Dave Miller gave notice that he was stepping down from the role. The Sitka Assembly will interview the first of two finalists for the permanent position tonight and consider who to pick to fill Miller’s shoes until they make the final hire.

When the Sitka Assembly meets at 6 p.m. tonight, it will interview the first of two finalists vying for the vacant city administrator position, and it will choose a new interim city administrator, after current interim Dave Miller gave notice earlier this week. 

Miller told the assembly, Tuesday (9/10/19), that he needed to step down sooner than he’d planned. 

“At this point and time, after my surgery a month ago, I probably went back to work too early, to start. And I’m just whipped. I’m tired all the time and all that stuff, and I just need time to recuperate from that.”  

The assembly will consider who to pick to replace him tonight. That will likely be one of two remaining high level department heads- either Public Works Director Michael Harmon or Chief Administrative Officer Jay Sweeney. 

Both stood in as acting administrator earlier this summer when Miller was out on medical leave. 

And the assembly will interview John Leach. Leach, a commander and aeronautical engineer for the U.S. Coast Guard, is currently stationed in D.C., but spent several years stationed in Sitka, and his family still lives here.

The other candidate, Craig Cugini, works for the U.S. Army at Ft. Greely. Cugini will interview for the position on Friday, September 27 at 6 p.m.

Raven News will stream both meetings on Facebook Live.