A photo of the landslide cutting across Green Lake Road near the Medivejie hatchery (Photo provided by CBS)

A landslide on Green Lake Road caused a city-wide power outage Friday afternoon (9/20/19) in Sitka. The power outage occurred shortly before 1 p.m., and lasted about 20 minutes. 

Green Lake Road is the seven-mile transmission corridor from the Green Lake hydroelectric plant. The road carries no traffic other than Electric Department workers and staff at the Medvejie hatchery. NSRAA staff confirmed that the slide occurred near the hatchery weir, blocking road access. Until the road is cleared, employees are being shuttled back and forth by boat. 

No injuries were reported in the incident. Until the damaged line is repaired, the city is using a combination of diesel generation and hydropower from Blue Lake Dam to supply power. 

Green Lake Road remains closed until further notice. City officials recommend caution during heavy rains. Crews will examine the damage and make repairs when it is safe to do so.

A request for comment from the Sitka Electric Department was not returned by press time.