The Sitka Tribe of Alaska Tribal Council and the Sitka Assembly met for their semi-annual government to government meeting Thursday (9/27/19) night at the Channel Club restaurant.

Tribal Chair KathyHope Erickson and Sitka Tribe of Alaska General Manager Lisa Gassman told assembly members that STA had donated over a million dollars to community programs and was a conduit for millions more in federal money funneled into the community this year. 

Some of that money was awarded at the meeting- the group posed with a check for a $300,000 pass through-grant from the US Department of Justice. Erickson presented the award to Police Chief Robert Baty- the money is funding updated software for the Sitka Police Department.

The government leaders also discussed updating their shared “memorandum of understanding.” This is a document established in the late 1990s, that spells out the obligations of each government has to each other.

That document needs to be updated because STA has acquired several more properties in the past two decades, including the former forest service offices at 204 Siginaka Way, which will be the location of STA’s new headquarters.