Richard Nelson in the field recording an episode of Encounters with his parabolic microphone.

Richard “Nels” Nelson meant so many things to so many people, and was influential on air, in our community, and big voice for the wonderful world of nature that we live in and around. We have received such an outpouring of appreciation from our listening community that we would like to not only play some fan favorite encore episodes of Encounters through the remainder of 2019, but also provide a space for listeners and friends alike to share their fondest memories of Nels.

As we process the loss of Nels, we can still enjoy his legacy of work documenting the natural world. Nels and his team took so much audio and video footage that there is a wealth of new videos being posted as well as an upcoming podcast to enjoy in addition to the vast Encounters archives.For all things Encounters, new and old or to support their project, you check out

KCAW Broadcast Schedule of Encounters:

  • Sunday 11/17 @ 2pm
  • Thursday 11/28 – Thanksgiving
    • (2 episodes @ 3p & 2 episodes @ 9pm)
  • Sunday 12/1 @ 2pm 
  • Sunday 12/15 @ 2pm
  • Wednesday 12/25 – Christmas Day (time TBD)
  • Sunday 12/29 @ 2pm