Dr. Ken Cameron has stepped down as the CEO as Shee Atiká, Incorporated, Sitka’s urban Native corporation.

According to a news release on the Shee Atiká website, the corporation’s chief operating officer, Ptarmica McConnell, began work as interim CEO on November 19.

The change in executive leadership is no surprise. The board of Shee Atiká has been engaged in a CEO selection process for several months. The news release states that the board expects “to have a permanent CEO in place shortly.”

Cameron has served as Shee Atiká’s CEO since 2010. His tenure has been marked at times by shareholder unrest over the corporation’s financial management. In 2017,  he stepped down from the Shee Atiká board after over 25 years of service, including three terms as board chair.

However, Cameron retained his position as CEO.

In addition to his work for Shee Atiká, Cameron also served as president of Sheldon Jackson College for six years, and ran a dental practice in Sitka for 33 years.