Halibut Point Marine has offered to build a new marine haulout at the Gary Paxton Industrial Park in exchange for 17 acres of city-owned waterfront property, just north of the businesses’ private cruise ship terminal. A recent estimate values the land at around $2 million.

When the Sitka Assembly meets tonight (12-23-19), it will consider that offer which came to the table at a GPIP Board of Directors meeting in early December. 

In September, Halibut Point Marine owner Chris McGraw announced he would close his boatyard in 2021. If the city agrees to the new proposal, McGraw would build the new haulout at the park, but wouldn’t bid on a contract to run it.

But there has to be a competitive bidding process anytime city property is sold. So tonight, after discussion and direction, the assembly will vote on whether to start the RFP process for the 17 acre city-owned lot north of Halibut Point Marine. 

According to a memo from interim administrator Hugh Bevan, there are some estimated costs the city will take on if the deal goes forward- $35,000 to perform survey plat and appraisal for the 17-acre parcel of land- and  $30,000 from GPIP to relocate some electric utilities that conflict with the proposed haulout location.  

In other business, the Sitka Assembly…

  • Will consider making supplemental appropriations of $142,000 for phase 6 of the Cross Trail Project
  • Will vote on whether to approve the hire of Larry Reeder as assessor
  • Will consider putting out an RFP for Cruise Ship Passenger transportation between OSD and Harrigan Centennial Hall
  • Will discuss adding select staff back to the assembly@cityofsitka.org email address 
  • Will consider a letter of approval for “Leo’s Hope” 
  • Will consider an alternate method for the FY20 Shared Fisheries Business Tax Program 
  • Will consider amending a “Payment for Services Agreement” between Sitka Tribe of Alaska and the city to include the property STA recently purchased at 204 Siginaka Way 
  • Will consider several liquor license renewal applications